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Tooth treatment

We act mainly as a preventive dental clinic, trying to ensure that diseases in the oral cavity do not occur at all.

Simplified pictogram — outlines of toothbrush bristles with toothpaste

Dental hygiene

We are one of the first dental clinics in Slovakia switching to the revolutionary dental hygiene procedure GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY.

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Simplified pictogram — shiny tooth after teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

In our dental clinic we use combined teeth whitening (home+professional teeth whitening) from PUREWHITENING.

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Simplified pictogram — the outline of the clock in combination with the tooth (chair)

Preventive check-ups

The child is entitled to preventive examination 2 times a year, an adult 1 × and the future mother 3 times during pregnancy.

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Simplified pictogram — the outline of the tooth (chair) with coverage of the upper part to be sealed

Sealing of teeth

Sealing of the rib system of the chewing surface of children and adolescents reduces the incidence of caries by 76%.

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Simplified pictogram — contours of a tooth with a pinched edge (damaged tooth)

Treatment of tooth decay

In the treatment of our patients, we use the latest knowledge in the field of biomimetic dentistry.

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Simplified pictogram - contours of teeth on X-ray image

X-ray teeth examination

We can do all the necessary x-rays for you on-site, without unnecessary waiting.

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