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Preventive check-ups

The child is entitled to preventive examination 2 times a year, an adult 1 × and the future mother 3 times during pregnancy.

A smiling child about 3 years old with white teeth looking towards the hand that hands him a toy — a small wooden dinosaur
Information on how to take care of the oral cavity should be received by the mother already during pregnancy. The first preventive examination with the baby at the dentist is recommended already after the first tooth has been cut, i.e. when the baby is about 6 months old.

During this examination, the parent will learn basic information about how to properly clean their child's oral cavity, how to ensure proper eating habits, and what to do so that the child does not have tooth decay or other diseases in the oral cavity.

We will also choose a suitable device for home dental care for the child. After passing the initial preventive examination, the child is entitled to a preventive examination twice a year.

And so that you do not have to keep in mind the date of the next tour, our staff will contact you by phone every six months.

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* Prices are for patients with Slovak health insurance

Dlhovlasé dievča s úsmevom a peknými zubami
Let yourself be treated by students
Study programme Dental Hygiene of the University of Prešov

Help with the education of students

The price of dental hygiene treated by students is 25 €
*the price includes an X-ray image if needed

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