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Discount on dental hygiene from students

Dlhovlasé dievča s úsmevom a peknými zubami
Let yourself be treated by students
Department of Dental Hygiene, University of Prešov

Help with the education of students

The price of dental hygiene when treated by dental hygiene students is 25 €.
*the price includes an X-ray image if needed

Why are we looking for volunteers?

We are an accredited clinical workplace for students Department of Dental Hygiene, University of Prešov. For the need to teach dental hygiene, we are looking for volunteers who would be willing to have them treated by students.

Standard of the Dental Hygiene service remains preserved. You do not have to worry about the treatment, the students always work under the supervision of professionals who check that everything is in order.

For your willingness and patience with students you will receive a discount on this treatment.

How to register?

Call us at the dental clinic (+421 51 77 019 61) and ask for a free dental hygiene term treating by students. Together, we will agree on the date that suits you best.