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Simplified pictogram — outlines of toothbrush bristles with toothpaste

Dental hygiene

We are one of the first dental clinics in Slovakia switching to the revolutionary dental hygiene procedure GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY.

The dental hygienist holds a model of dental dentition in her hands and checks the dentition with a dental instrument.
Every person should undergo professional dental hygiene at least twice a year. The frequency of visits to the dental hygienist depends on the condition in the oral cavity. More frequent visits are recommended for people with periodontitis and children at high risk of developing caries.
Nakreslená postava ženy, kde ku každej časti tela vedie popisok, aké všetky choroby môe spôsobiť neliečená infekcia v tele.
What can be caused by an infection in the oral cavity.

We use our mouth several times a day to consume food and drinks, talk and breathe. However, we do not always take care of them as we should. Neglected care of the oral cavity can also lead to fatal consequences. The mouth is the gateway to the entire human body. Many studies prove that an infection that arises in the mouth precisely due to insufficient care (poor oral hygiene and poor eating habits) spreads throughout the body and thus affects our overall health.

One session with us takes approximately one hour. It all depends on the condition in which the patient comes to us.

The session consists of examination, motivation, instruction, removal of tartar and biofilm (dental plaque), pigmentation and subsequent remineralization of the teeth.

As part of dental hygiene, sanding teeth using the AIR-FLOW® method is a matter of course and is already included in the price of dental hygiene.

We use the most advanced technology and the finest powders. In your mouth you feel only a pleasant and still very effective stream of water.

We are one of the first dental clinics in Slovakia switching to a revolutionary treatment procedure, the so-called GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY (abbreviated “GBT”), which combines high efficiency, precision and finesse.

V kolečku je zobrazených 8 krokov dentálnej hygieny podľa Guided Biofilm Therapy.
The 8 steps of dental hygiene with the revolutionary Guided Biofilm Therapy.

Professional dental hygiene:

  1. Examination
  2. Motivation and instruction
  3. Removal of biofilm (dental plaque) and pigmentation by sandblasting — AIR-FLOW®
  4. Removal of tartar
  5. Remineralization through calcium-phosphate preparations containing fluorides (optionally remineralization via varnish for an additional fee).

Gift — each patient will receive a toothbrush and a sample of toothpaste from us in the price of dental hygiene, which are selected according to their needs.

1. Examination

A basic examination includes checking the condition of the teeth, gums and mucous membranes. To assess the condition of the teeth and gums, we need to have an X-ray examination available, which we can also do in our clinic.

In order to find out the cause of your problems, it is also necessary to carry out a so-called preventive examination. The first step is to detect (stain) the coating, which serves for our inspection. We must be sure that we have removed everything that does not belong there from the oral cavity and at the same time we can show you in the next step where you should put more emphasis when brushing your teeth.

Examination of eating habits is necessary above all in children and patients with caries problems. In patients taking drugs that affect saliva, or with a problem of dry mouth, we can also examine the parameters of saliva. Based on these examinations, the dental hygienist can tell you how high the risk of developing a disease in your mouth is and determine a tailor-made treatment plan.

2. Motivation and instruction

According to the results of the examination, we will explain to you what is happening in your mouth and how you can improve this condition. That is, how good it would be to change your eating habits and drinking regime, what toothpaste or mouthwash you should use.

Since one of the causes of diseases in the oral cavity is biofilm (dental plaque), as part of the instruction we will show you which teeth cleaning technique is best for you. We will select a suitable toothbrush, measure the interdental space for you and determine the correct size of the interdental brush. Last but not least, we will also show the technique when using dental floss. As part of the instruction you have a unique opportunity to try an electric toothbrush Oral-B iOthrough the so-called. TEST DRIVE.

3. Removal of biofilm (plaque) and pigmentations

Dva pohľady na detský chrup – prvý s povlakom na zuboch a pigmentáciou, druhý po vyčistení dentálnou hygienou – biele zuby bez náznaku nečistôt.
Removal of pigmentations of a 3-year-old patient.

In our dental clinic, it is a matter of course that every patient undergoes the so-called “sanding of teeth” through the AIR-FLOW® method as part of dental hygiene.

This method allows you to effectively clean the teeth from plaque and pigments not only from their surface, but also from the interdental spaces. To increase the effectiveness of treatment for periodontitis, we have at our disposal the most modern method of detoxification of the root — PERIOFLOW® technology (“sub-gingival sandblasting”).

We use the softest powders for this, so the patient feels only the warm stream of water working in his mouth.

4. Removal of tartar

We remove tartar with the most precise and gentle ultrasonic device PIEZON® with NO PAIN® technology from the Swiss company EMS. If necessary, we clean the tartar using hand tools — scrapers and curettes.

We use specially adapted hand tools that do not need to be sanded and are sharp for a long time, which ensures perfect removal of tartar from the surface of the teeth.

5. Remineralization

After each professional removal of biofilm and tartar deposits, it is necessary to replenish minerals on the surface of the teeth. For this we use remineralizing preparations that strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth sensitivity.

The calcium-phosphate preparations with fluoride content applied by us, unlike others, will also provide deep remineralization of the enamel. Children at risk of tooth decay and adults with sensitive necks are recommended remineralization through highly concentrated fluoride varnishes precisely in combination with calcium-phosphate components.

Remineralization through these varnishes is effective enough for about 3 months from professional application.



It is the most perfect external sandblaster that allows a perfect and painless treatment within the framework of dental hygiene.

It is non-invasive, does not damage hard dental tissues, implants, crowns, dental braces and even soft tissues such as mucous membranes, tongue, lips, etc.

Treatment with this device is pleasant, because when working in the mouth you feel only a stream of warm water and a slight sweet taste. This is ensured thanks to the patented PLUS powder technology based on erythritol. This component belongs to alcohol sugars and is on a natural basis. It is able to favorably influence the microbiome (bacteria) in the oral cavity.

We have three such devices, so if you are a family of three, we can treat you at once and you do not have to wait for each other in the waiting room.

PLUS powders based on erythritol


Child (by age)

20 € – 40 €

Adult (by condition)

from 45 €

* Prices are for patients with Slovak health insurance

Dlhovlasé dievča s úsmevom a peknými zubami
Let yourself be treated by students
Study programme Dental Hygiene of the University of Prešov

Help with the education of students

The price of dental hygiene treated by students is 25 €
*the price includes an X-ray image if needed

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