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Simplified pictogram — contours of a tooth with a pinched edge (damaged tooth)

Treatment of tooth decay

In the treatment of our patients, we use the latest knowledge in the field of biomimetic dentistry.

The lady lies in the dentist's chair with her mouth open and the dentist/dentist treats tooth decay with dental instruments
We also use the principles of biomimetic dentistry in the treatment of caries with fillings. In accordance with the principle of “less is sometimes more”, we solve the problems of caries in the least invasive way possible with the use of non-toxic materials.

As early as 1992, it was discovered that decayed dentition can mineralize (heal) within 3 months after using conventional glass-ionomer cement. The same study proved that neither amalgam nor composite has this ability to mineralize dentin.

In children, we use fillings made from new improved glass-ionomer cements to treat tooth decay. These are sufficiently biocompatible, solid, as well as aesthetic. Using these materials, we can ensure ”Sealing and treatment of caries“ instead of the traditional “drilling and filling”, which ultimately means less grinding and root canal treatment. More about biomimetic dentistry (in English) can be found at http://biodentistry.eu/

For pediatric patients with milk teeth, we use ART (atraumatic restorative treatment) technique. This is the elimination of caries with the help of hand tools. The results of long-term clinical studies show that fillings after ART have satisfactory durability for both milk (67—94%) and permanent (81—96%) teeth. [Source: Caries Management: A Journey between Black's Principals and Minimally Invasive Concepts]

Miestnosť bielej farby so zubárskym kreslom a maľovaným obrazom kvetín na stene.
One of our dental chairs.


Local anesthesia (numbness)

5 €

Tooth filling — milk tooth (white filling)

25 €

Tooth filling — permanent dentition (white filling)

35 € – 65 €

Endodontics (root canal treatment)

60 € – 75 €

* Prices are for patients with Slovak health insurance

Dlhovlasé dievča s úsmevom a peknými zubami
Let yourself be treated by students
Study programme Dental Hygiene of the University of Prešov

Help with the education of students

The price of dental hygiene treated by students is 25 €
*the price includes an X-ray image if needed

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