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Simplified pictogram - contours of teeth on X-ray image

X-ray teeth examination

We can do all the necessary x-rays for you on-site, without unnecessary waiting.

Röentgen image of the entire dental dentition
Biely RTG prístroj na pevnom stojane a ochranné vesty proti rtg žiareniu
OPG myray Hyperion X5 (2D)

We have an intraoral x-ray machine, which is used to create smaller, more detailed images of teeth, and an apparatus for taking panoramic images.

In our practice, all X-ray images are taken in digital form. For you, this means using smaller doses of radiation than with classic X-ray images in the form of a film.

To make an orthopantomogram (OPG), which is needed when it is necessary to capture the entire dentition in one image, we use the X-ray machine myray Hyperion X5 (2D).

This X-ray machine takes panoramic images of teeth in digital form and 2D interface. This makes it necessary to use smaller doses of radiation with higher image quality.


Intraoral/bitewing (small image)

5 €

Panoramic (OPG) (large image)

15 €

* Prices are for patients with Slovak health insurance

Dlhovlasé dievča s úsmevom a peknými zubami
Let yourself be treated by students
Study programme Dental Hygiene of the University of Prešov

Help with the education of students

The price of dental hygiene treated by students is 25 €
*the price includes an X-ray image if needed

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